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What's New in Pega 7.4


Easily identify rule test coverage with the Rule coverage landing page
Easily view app health with the Application Quality dashboard
Improved PegaUnit testing
Test IDs for navigation controls
Codeless UI testing inside Pega
Test framework and new OOTB tests for Pega Sales Automation
Operations APIs
Configuration Management landing page
Launch directly into the New Application wizard
Invite team from New Application wizard
Select Value support in When / Strategy / Decision Table
Allow Condition Builder to compare against values
Create data type views in context
Delete case type and instances from Express
Individual support stories
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Removed constraints in existing files in Pega Pulse
Compose rich text Pulse messages
Option to view the users who liked specific post
Configure icon and title for a feed source in Pega Pulse gadget
Gadget to display and manage case followers
Add multiple files to a Pulse post
Reference cases in a Pulse post
New survey authoring
New branching and expression features
New Survey smart shape
New email triggered when a post is added
View post attachments in email notifications without logging in
Improved signature handling for replies made through email
Additional privileges to control Agile Workbench asset creation
Document generation for “Product Overview” and “Gap Analysis”
Templated auto response from intelligent email triage
Email template creation
Verify email account working status from channel
Send multiple attachments from email interaction case
Highlight detected entities in email interaction case
Integrated preview console in channels
Preview console now available in Designer Studio
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Simplified simulations
Revision management
Multilane support
Multitenant proposition management
Resilient data flow runs for HBase data set
Record real-time metrics for Single-Case Data Flow runs
Kinesis data set
Streaming Service and Stream data set
Real-time aggregations of Interaction History
DSM Services to use existing node classification
VBD Planner to use standard UI-backend communication
Improved Adaptive Model Reporting
Improved PMML Support
Parameters supported for Predictive Model rules
Customized holdout sets when creating a predictive model
Renaming of Text Analytics models
Create intent categorization models in the Analytics Center
Create text extraction in the Analytics Center
Automatic tagging of subjects in a text
Charts on the tiles in the Analytics Center for text category models
Feedback loop enabled for Text Analytics models
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Data pages can be sourced using a robotic process automation (RPA)
Connect to virtually any legacy system or application – without APIs
Change data page sourcing to a standard connector for new APIs
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