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Pega Customer Decision Hub

Pega Customer Decision Hub is the always-on, AI-driven customer engagement engine that optimizes each customer interaction for relevance and business value, on every channel.

Pega Customer Decision Hub is part of our Pega Infinity portfolio. View more information about our Customer Engagement offerings at


Learn and achieve with our learning library.

Learn about the business problems Pega Customer Decision Hub™ can solve and discover how to deliver the right action during every customer interaction.

This course provides a functional understanding of Next-Best-Action Designer and how to use it.

This course provides a functional understanding of how Next-Best-Action Designer works and how to use it for outbound customer engagement.

This course covers the key features, capabilities, and benefits of the Pega Prediction Studio. 

A Microjourney™ is a single process that quickly enables business outcomes for multiple stakeholders across channels.

Hyper-personalize every digital touchpoint. Pega evaluates every customer in the moment - and delivers next best action and treatment recommendations relevant to their current situation. 

Pega’s centered out business architecture ensure our customers to innovate their marketing solutions, moving away from marketing campaigns to one to one customer centric actions. 

When using Pega’s AI, agents are guided through interactions via a constant stream of next-best-action recommendations – helping them pivot from selling, to serving, to retaining based on each customer’s unique situation.