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Chrome bug with rule forms using Smartprompt



Chrome (Version 58+) has impacted the use of smart prompt in rule forms (for example, data transform, activity).

Some of the most commonly reported problems include:

(1) When typing '.' in the smart prompt, the complete list of properties is not displayed; only primary page and parameters are displayed. (Note that this issue is reported only in case of ruleforms with parameters declared on the Parameters tab)

(2) When typing ‘.’ and selecting a property name, an extra dot is added to the name (like ..Prop1) causing the property to be incorrectly populated

(3) When typing '.' after a page property (for example ".MyPage.") the input candidate list shown in the overlay is incorrect. In this case, MyPage is a Page of class Data-, so the properties at the Data- level are expected to be seen in the overlay.

The above issues are not encountered with browsers like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer browsers.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login into Pega 7 on Chrome (Version 58+).
2. Create Data Transform and add "Set" action
3. Type '.' and verify the list of properties in the smartprompt overlay (for this step, before performing it, define a parameter on the Parameters tab)
4. Type '.' and select a property name from the list, verify how it is populated on the ruleform.
5. Type '.SomePage.' where SomePage is a page of Data- class and verify the list of properties in the smartprompt overlay.

Root Cause

The issue comes from the following line of IsnsSmartPromptCore.js :

Chrome no longer applies the substraction (--) and causes ISnsInputField.selectionStart to be incorrect


This is already addressed in Pega 7.3.
Refer to the below to find the hotfix that applies to your version of Pega 7.

Pega 7 version

Published June 1, 2017 - Updated October 8, 2020

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