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Clipboard names not updated on change of Operator Work party



A Work party (Owner) is added to the case as Data-Party-Operator type.

When changing the party to a different operator using the out-of-the-box Data-Party-Operator.pyNewWorkPartyDetailRepeat section, the section runs the out-of-the-box activity Data-Party-Operator.WorkPartyRetrieve to retrieve the Operator details. However, the Operator's first and last names (pyFirstName and pyLastName) are not set.

When the Operator party is created initially, the section sets the Operator names in the out-of-the-box Data-Party-Operator.GetOperatorIDFromClipboard activity using the below calculation in Step1:

pyFirstName = @(Pega-RULES:String).equals(OperatorID.pyFirstName, "")?Lib(Pega-RULES:String).whatComesBeforeLast(OperatorID.pyUserName, ' '):OperatorID.pyFirstName
pyLastName = @(Pega-RULES:String).equals(OperatorID.pyLastName, "")?Lib(Pega-RULES:String).whatComesAfterLast(OperatorID.pyUserName, ' '):OperatorID.pyLastName

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Add an Operator type work party.
  2. Save the case.
  3. Change the Operator party to a different operator. Most details on the Clipboard change, but the pyFirstName and pyLastName do not change on the work party page. They remain the same as that set in Step 1.

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules 
First name and Last name were not updated when the operator for the party was changed on the pyNewWorkPartyDetailRepeat component.


Apply HFix-46743.

Published August 27, 2018 — Updated April 12, 2019

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