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¿¿¿¿¿¿¿Error occurs after completing a child case



Error occurs after completing a child case.

Error Messages

The Flow Action pre-processing activity pyPopulateCaseContentsWrapper failed: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1

[fault (self-tuning)'] [ STANDARD] [ ] [ CentralOps:01.01.01] (fo.TFKB_CentralOps_Work.Action) ERROR - Error in RDB-List There was a problem getting a list: code: 933 SQLState: 42000 Message: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1
at java.lang.String.substring(
at com.pegarules.generated.activity.ra_action_pyloadmycasesnested_762840912f98bef09a9c03dc97284e2b.step5_circum0(
at com.pegarules.generated.activity.ra_action_pyloadmycasesnested_762840912f98bef09a9c03dc97284e2b.perform(

at com.pegarules.generated.activity.ra_action_pypopulatecasecontentswrapper_ca8f9742ef3ce434e613d4db3af658fc.step4_circum0(

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a parent case
  2. Create multiple child cases
  3. Resolving the child cases. Error occurs after the last child case is resolved

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules. The pyloadmycasesnested activity does not check if the insKey length is greater than 0.


Perform the following local-change:

Add a check in the Java step of the pyloadmycasesnested activity to check if the length of insKey (from the list of pxCoveredInsKeys) is not equal to 0.



Published February 20, 2018 - Updated June 8, 2018

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