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“Ignore Case” not working in Parse Normalize rule



The “Ignore Case” option is not working in Parse Normalize rule in Java 1.6.

Below is the extracted code generated by parse normalize rule: (equals ignore case is checked.) We are trying to replace “Revaluation” with “"~CAT5~”:

sOutput.replaceAll("(?u)\\bRevaluation\\b", "~CAT5~");

This works fine in 5.4 PRPC with Java 1.5 but is not working in 5.4 PRPC with Java 1.6.

Error Messages

None. Results are incorrect.

Steps to Reproduce

Run a parse normalize in Java 1.6 with ignores case.

Root Cause

The root cause of this problem is a change in the Java 1.6 behavior of the String class replaceAll method options. PRPC code needed to be updated to change the options used.


This issue is resolved by hotfix item Hfix-9644.

Published July 24, 2014 — Updated March 10, 2016

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