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User login is failed with Error 503



The user can not log in.

Error Messages

Error 503: PegaRULES server not available

Steps to Reproduce

User is getting the below error on login. This is happening in only one node.

Error 503: PegaRULES server not available



disable the Hazelcast the following lines added to prconfig.xml.

<env name="identification/cluster/protocol" value="none" />
<env name="cluster/hazelcast/interface" value="none" />

However disable is not recommended as the use of Hazelcast is the way forward for the Pega product in future releases a lot of internal functionality will be switched to use this framework for their functionality.

 The default port range for Hazelcast communication between nodes in a cluster is 5701 through 5800. This can be overridden by setting the value of "cluster/hazelcast/ports" in the prconfig.xml file. 

Auto discovery of nodes by Pega to seed for Hazelcast's node discovery protocol can be overridden by following setting in the prconfig.xml file:

Enable Hazelcast as the PRPC Clustering Protocol:
< env name="identification/cluster/protocol" value="hazelcast" />
This loads the appropriate runtime support for Hazelcast

Enable multicast discovery support"
< env name="cluster/hazelcast/multicast/enabled" value="true" />
This enables Hazelcast's own default discovery protocol (NOT PRPCs default) to simplify quick setup of a cluster.

TCP/IP discovery (when multicast discovery is disabled (which is the PRPC default)):
First, specify one or more member addresses - these are machine addresses that should/will contain PRPC clustered nodes.
There are a number of ways to provide this info - it can be a hostname, localhost, or actual TCP/IP address, or a list of these (see the HZ doc above).

< env name="cluster/hazelcast/members" value="<host name>" /> -- single value, hostname
< env name="cluster/hazelcast/members" value="<ip1>,<ip2>" /> -- list of values, ip addresses

Second, specify the ports Hazelcast can use - a range is best here.
< env name="cluster/hazelcast/ports" value="<range of values of port>" />

Expose Hazelcast's logging for debug purposes:
< env name="identification/cluster/logging" value="" /> -- yes, an empty string

Note: After added entries in prconfig.xml, restart the server.


Published October 12, 2016 - Updated October 28, 2016

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