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Why so many PEGA0050 alerts for Activities? What is the impact?



Developers ask why they are seeing many PEGA0050 alerts in the PEGA Alert logs for PRPC Activites and what the impact is of these numerous alerts.

Error Messages

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Root Cause

The PEGA0050 alert is triggered when a clipboard page list is copied to another list. In general, these copies happen when light-weight page lists are involved. On the Pega 7 Platform, light-weight lists have been enhanced, and these copies are not required in most cases. Shortly before the release of the Pega 7 Platform, bugs submitted for alerts that were found in pre-Pega 7 releases (PRPC 6.x and earlier relases) where these copies were made were addressed.


This issue was resolved in Pega 7.1.8.
Search the Resolved Issues page on keyword "PEGA0050" and filtered for Pega 7.1.8 to find the release note:
Disabled unneeded PEGA0050 alerts

As an alternative to updating to Pega 7.1.8, perform the following local-change to disable the alerts:
  1. Open the prconfig.xml file for editing.

  2. Set alerts/virtuallists/copy to false.
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Published April 30, 2016 - Updated October 8, 2020

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