Pega Global Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Program

Our CAB Program provides an opportunity for our clients to play an active role in Pega’s vision, messaging and product plans.

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What is the Pega Customer Advisory Board?

Customer Advisory Board members participate in face to face and virtual meeting discussions to network with their peers, share best practices, and help shape Pega’s current and future direction. The CAB has working groups organized by product areas, and allow for clients who are Director-level and higher to have a deeper understanding of Pega, their peers, and engage with the Pega Executive team

Interested in becoming a member?

Pega Platform

The Pega Platform CAB Working Group brings together key clients who discuss the strategic direction and roadmap within the context of industry and regional trends in the technology ecosystem. Members have the opportunity to dive deeper into specific topics such as DevOps, Case Management, Robotic Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Customer Engagement

Pega offers a unified ecosystem of CRM applications to engage customers, drive loyalty and improve sales results. The working groups within this umbrella represent parts of the overall customer journey that align to our CRM application areas and provide focused conversations to our member’s area of expertise.

Customer Onboarding

The working group focused on Know Your Customer and Client Lifecycle Management discusses market trends and the strategic direction of our applications that automate client journeys from onboarding through to offboarding.