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Comprehensive service, fully managed by Pega, that delivers Pega Infinity™ in a scalable and secure cloud environment.

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Administering Pega Cloud environments is easy.

You can use the My Pega Cloud self-service portal to restart an environment and download selected log files from an environment without filing support requests.

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Pega Cloud Services provides a secure and robust infrastructure environment for Pega Platform™ and Strategic Applications, including important cloud services such as incident response, change management, data backup, and disaster recovery.  Environments have high levels of security and data integrity, and distributed denial of service protection.


Pega Cloud Services Capabilities

Incident Response and Management

Change Management

Disaster Recovery

Data backup and recovery

Service level agreement

Security standards

Client security responsibilities

Layered distributed denial of service protection


Data management

Pega Cloud provides support for application data tier configuration changes not enabled on Pega Platform.

Business Information Exchange (BIX) for Pega Cloud lets you extract Pega Platform application data from your Pega Cloud application to your customer-provided site.

Data management services

Database maintenance

Landing pages for tuning and maintaining databases

Editing administrator privileges for importing archives with schema changes

Cloud File Storage


Pega Cloud Operations monitors for infrastructure component issues and failures, system performance degradation, and resource usage issues, and proactively responds to infrastructure alerts to remediate issues. Proactive database monitoring and tuning is also available to support availability and performance. Customers manage application health by using self-service access to Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC), the System Management Application (SMA), and the last 30 days of application logs.

Managing Pega Cloud environments from My Support Portal

Accessing server logs on Pega Cloud by using Kibana

Monitoring the health of your applications running in Pega Cloud

Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud

Networking and integration

Your Pega Cloud Services environments are deployed into a dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC) to ensure isolated and secure networking, as well as the ability to implement changes without affecting other customers.

Most applications require access to data and information that are provided by another system, or they need to respond to requests from other systems for data or computations. In Pega Cloud, the approaches, technologies, and facilities that support such information exchange are collectively known as integration. Integration includes services that provide information from your application running in Pega Cloud to your enterprise system requests and connectors that enable your application running Pega Cloud to receive information from your enterprise systems.

Integration in your Pega Cloud environment

Connecting to REST and SOAP services

Configuring enterprise messaging by using IBM MQ

Pega Cloud SFTP Service

Pega Cloud VPN service

Pega Cloud networking

Pega Web Mashup on Pega Cloud

Configuring Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect in your Pega Cloud virtual private cloud

Requesting a custom domain name for applications hosted on Pega Cloud

Requesting a virtual private cloud (VPC) peering connection


Pega Cloud Services provides a secure and robust infrastructure environment for Pega Platform and Strategic Applications that achieves high levels of security and data integrity. Pega Cloud Services provides host-based virus protection, continuous security monitoring, vulnerability and security management of Pega Cloud-delivered environments, customer-specific encryption of data at rest, and sandbox environments that can be hibernated to block threats and conserve energy. Pega Cloud Services' dedicated security team manages compliance, security monitoring, and security event response.

Various access types to the Pega Cloud environment govern the level of access, determining which features are available and which Pega Cloud environment (development or test, pre-production, and production) can be accessed. for these details, see Security standards for Pega Cloud Services. Additional security information includes: 

Data-at-rest encryption

Security testing policy

Vulnerability testing policy for Pega Cloud

Pega Cloud Security Overview

Keeping current with Pega

Pegasystems Inc. ensures that you have access to the latest features and capabilities of Pega Platform and your Pega applications by upgrading and patching the Pega software on your Pega Cloud Services environments. This automated software maintenance is part of the standard maintenance policy Pegasystems Inc. provides to clients as defined in Pega Cloud maintenance and types of system updates.

The Pega software upgrade process

The patch process for releases 8.3.x and later

The patch process for releases 8.2.x and earlier

Release notes

Use this cumulative list of release notes to learn about the release of services and enhancements available to your environments. Pega provides the latest generally available functionality including:

  • The latest Pega Platform and Pega industry application releases or critical updates
  • New Pega Cloud Services services
  • Enhancements to existing and documented Pega Cloud Services offerings.

Beginning in 2019, Pega Cloud Services posts release notes that associate new features, enhancements, and issues addressed with a release version and date of release. Every update includes the latest infrastructure and security patching to maintain the highest security and performance standards.

Pega tests each update to ensure it will not interfere with your production applications. In addition to industry compliant integration testing methods, Pega always applies each update to internal industry cloud applications prior to the generally available release.

Each update is applied to your Pega Cloud environment when it is generally available, during scheduled maintenance windows. For more details about how Pega delivers updates across environments, see Change Management in Pega Cloud Services.

To view and download a PDF version of the the cumulative release notes, click Cumulative Pega Cloud Services release notes

You can review terminology in the Pega Cloud glossary.

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