According to Gartner, market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT’s capacity to deliver through 2021.


Low-Code App Factory

Future-proofing your business through agile re-use.



What's your plan to scale innovation?

Pega provides an enterprise-wide “future-proof” architecture that wraps and renews legacy systems to increase deployment speed and lower the cost to develop while empowering greater business / IT collaboration through no-code design-led development.



By enabling your App Factory with a set of guardrails, you can quickly determine if applications are moving towards success or diverting from best practices.

A COE is a group of experts who curate a library of reusable components and processes called the COE layer on which low-code applications will be built.

The goal of the Low-Code App Factory is to allow citizen developers to create useful applications without the need for code or extensive training.