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Setting watch variables in the Tracer tool


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Set a watch variable to detect when processing changes the value of a property. After you set a watch variable, you can minimize the Tracer window and continue working. Focus returns to the Tracer window when the property value changes.

For example, if you watch a case status, you can see who changes the status of a particular case,and when. You can use this information when a case unexpectedly fails to successfully reach a resolution.

If you build your application on Cosmos React, the Tracer does not support watch variables. Changing configurations for watch variables in Cosmos React applications might cause issues.
  1. On the developer toolbar, click Tracer, or click Actions Trace on an activity, data transform, or service rule form.

  2. In the Tracer toolbar, click Watch.

  3. In the Page Name field, enter the name of the page that stores the property to watch, or enter a parameter for the parameter page.

  4. Enter the property name without a period in front of it in the field, or select to watch this page for page messages.

  5. Select variables to watch:

    • To watch a single property, in the Property Name, enter the property to watch.
    • To watch the page for page messages, select the Or Page Messages.
  6. Click Set Watch.

  7. To watch more properties, repeat steps 3 through 6

  8. Optional:

    To remove a watch variable, select the check box in the Remove column, and then click Remove.

  9. Click Close.

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