Pega Workforce Intelligence

Kickstart process automation while unlocking the secret to improving process inefficiencies.

Pega Workforce Intelligence™ helps you improve customer and employee experiences, while reducing operating cost. Knowing where and how to make improvements is critical for success. Workforce Intelligence analyzes employee desktop activities and provides you with the insights you need to optimize your organization’s processes. Robots on employee desktops collect and transmit desktop activity to the Pega cloud, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied to determine the best opportunities for improvements.

Workforce Intelligence translates the AI into specific recommendations tailored for your organization. These recommendations include automation opportunities, process improvements, technology refreshes, and coaching.

Get Started

Make sure that you are all set to configure and install your environment.


When implementing Pega Workforce Intelligence™, you use the Administration tab to set up and maintain the Robot Runtime associates whose data is analyzed and presented to you.

Pega Robot Runtime must be installed on every workstation from which you want to collect data.

This information defines your organization’s hierarchy.


Requirements, implementation, maintenance, and more.

Ensure accurate reporting when your organization undergoes changes.


Search and browse the Pega Workforce Intelligence Help System.


Learn and achieve with our learning library.

Learn how to better manage your employees by understanding where they spend their time throughout the day.  Learn how to use the analysis tools to identify areas for process improvement.

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