Pega Platform: Community Edition

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Community Edition gives you the power of Pega Platform with full developer access. Community Edition is now available to any Pega Community members.

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Community Edition FAQs


What is Community Edition?
Community Edition is a developer focused Platform trial that allows access to the complete dev toolset that comes with the Pega Platform. This includes App Studio, Dev Studio and Prediction Studio.

How long does a trial of Community Edition last?
Standard trials of Community Edition are 30 days and can be extended by request for up to an additional 15 days.

Is it possible to extend my Community Edition trial after 30 days?
Yes, Community Edition trials can be extended by request for up to an additional 15 days.

Who can I contact if I need support for my Community Edition trial?
Send an email to with any questions you have.

When does my Community Edition trial expire?
You can see your trial’s current expiration date on My Trials

How do I log into my Community Edition trial?
You use your Pega credentials to log into your trial or any Pega site (, Community, Academy, etc.)

Where can I access my Community Edition trial?
The best place to get to your trial is from My Trials

My Community Edition trial isn’t up – all I see is a 404 or 503 error – please help!
No need to panic! We power down Community Edition trials when they have been inactive. You can wake up your instance from My Trials. Powering up will just take a couple of minutes.

How can I move my work from my Community Edition trial to other systems?
Exporting from your trial is no problem. In App Studio you can export from the Application Overview or in Dev Studio you can use the Application / Distribution / Export tools.

Can I invite other users onto my Community Edition trial?
Absolutely! There’s an invite user feature in App Studio designed just for this. However invited users will not have access to power up your trial from their My Trials page, so they will need to coordinate with you to wake up the system if needed.