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Troubleshooting proposition filters

To find the root cause of an error or unexpected results in a strategy rule, you can enable debugging for proposition filters. Use this feature for test purposes only because it negatively affects system performance.

  1. In the Records Explorer of Designer Studio, click Decision > Strategy.
  2. Click the strategy rule that contains the proposition filter rule that you want to troubleshoot.
  3. On the Strategy tab of the Strategy form, double-click the Filter shape that references the proposition filter rule whose configuration you want to review.
  4. In the Filter Properties dialog box, select the Explain results check box.
  5. In the Store results field, press the Down Arrow key and select the property that stores the output value that the proposition filter returns. This property type must be TrueFalse.
  6. In the Store explanation in field, press the Down Arrow key and select the property that stores the values of propositions that the proposition filter evaluates at run time. This property type must be Text.

    Filter properties window

    The Filter Properties window

  7. Test the strategy by configuring a single case test run or configuring a batch case test run.
  8. In the Results for strategy section of the Test run dialog box, review the eligibility result and message to understand why the filter proposition failed or returned unexpected results. For example, the strategy can return the following eligibility results:
    • Eligibility result: false
    • Eligibility message: (Default behavior = true) AND (RecentDroppedCalls = false) AND (LowChurnRateCheck = false)

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