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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

See the list below for a curated list of frequently asked questions about Deployment Manager.

  • Deployment Manager versions and installation
    • What version of Pega Platform is required for Deployment Manager?
    • Can cloud customers download new Deployment Manager releases directly from Pega Marketplace?
    • Where can I ger older versions of Deployment Manager?
    • What is the preferred configuration for installation?
    • Can my candidate environment exist in different VPCs?
    • Can a single system serve as both a development system and an orchestrator?
    • How should operators be configured on the orchestrator?
    • Is 5.x orchestrator supported with all 4.x candidates?
    • Why is the generate client secret button not available after upgrading to Deployment Manager 5?
    • How do I know if the client secret has been updated?
    • Which email account should be configured after upgrading to Deployment Manager 5 for email notifications?

  • Application structure and configuration
    • Can I use Deployment Manager as a built-on application?
    • How should I configure an application product rule?
    • How do I prevent test cases from being migrated to production?
    • How do I deploy a new application?

  • Pipeline modeling
    • How can I support more than four stages in a pipeline?
    • Why can I only have one deployment per stage?
    • Can I have a pipeline progress to a stage only after manual approval?
    • Can I alter the default workflow of a pipeline?
    • How can I use deploy existing artifact functionality in Deployment Manager 5?
    • Why is skip failed task not available in Deployment Manager 5?
    • Why does my Jenkins task not work after upgrade to Deployment Manager 5?
    • Can I use OAuth authentication type for communication between orchestrator and candidate?

  • Artifacts and repositories
    • Can I use Deployment Manager without hosting an artifact repository?
    • Why are there two repositories being used in the pipeline?
    • Are custom repository types supported?
    • Can I use GitHub / GitLab / Bitbucket / SVN or other Source Code Manager (SCM) tools as a repository with Deployment Manager?
    • Is the Pega repository type supported?
    • Is the defaultstore repository supported?
    • What repository should I use on Pega Cloud?
    • How are artifacts generated over the course of a deployment?

  • Continuous integration and merging branches
    • What is the correct way to make changes to non-rule-resolved rules and data?
    • Can I use branches if my target application is locked?
    • How can I prevent my development branches from being migrated to higher environments?

  • Task extension
    • Will custom tasks created in 4.x work after upgrade to Deployment Manager 5?
    • Are custom tasks supported in Deployment Manager 5 and how can they be defined?

  • Deployment Manager upgrades
    • Why is the migration of selected pipelines in Deployment Manager 5 not working?

  • Miscellaneous

    • Are schema changes supported through a pipeline?
    • How do rollback features work and when should I use them?
    • How do I rollback a successful deployment?
    • What can I do with the Deployment Manager REST API?

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