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Selecting the product and target systems


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Select the product and target systems.

Specify the application or product to migrate and the target systems.

The source system and target system must be in the same major Pega Platform version. For example, you cannot migrate if the source is in PRPC 6.x and the target is Pega 8.x.
  1. Do one of the following:

    • Migrate a product by entering values for the following fields.
      • Product: Select an available product. These are products created in the Product rule form or in the Application Packaging wizard.
      • Version: Select the correct product version.
      • Patch: Optional. Select an available product patch.
    • Migrate an application by entering values for the following fields:
      • Application: Select an available application package. These are application packages created in the Product rule form or in the Application Packaging wizard.
      • Version: Select the correct application version.
  2. To use an existing .zip file, select Use existing .zip file. If you changed the product after you packaged the .zip file, the existing .zip file will not include the changes.

  3. To download an application or package without importing, select Download only. For example, you can download an application as a backup or archive copy.

  4. Select the target system. Do one of the following:

    • Select an existing target system.
    • Add a target by doing the following:
      1. Click the plus sign to add a row.
      2. Complete the following fields:
        • Unique name: Enter a short unique name to identify this target.
        • URL: The URL for the target system. Either cut and paste the URL into this field, or enter the entire URL of the target system. Include the port number and the context root.
        • User name: Verify that the auto-populated user name is correct.
        • Password: If you changed the auto-populated user name, enter the password for the new user name.
  5. Manage saved target systems.

    • Delete a target system by clicking the trash can icon.

    • Edit a target system by clicking the Open icon open-icon icon and editing the target system connection details and history.

  6. Click Migrate.

The source system creates the following items:
  • A archive file. The naming convention is <product name _version number[-patch number]>, for example, or
  • Covered work item IDs for each target system. These IDs include the prefix pzMigDest.

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