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Cut costs without comprising exceptional service – Make it easier for your agents to be brilliant (8.5)

Your agents work hard and are masters at balancing customer and business needs, but they shouldn’t have to work harder than they have to. Improve their world, and they’ll improve your customers’. With the latest enhancements to Pega Customer Service 8.5, you can help your agents be more productive while also reducing cost-to-serve.

Take the heavy lifting out of emails

Let’s face it. Whether we like it or not, even with all of the new messaging platforms available, email isn’t going away (at least not anytime soon). We all receive (and send) what feels like hundreds of emails a day, so making sure that your agents have the tools to put their best foot forward to efficiently and effectively engage with your customers is crucial.

This isn’t just about reactively responding to inbound emails. One of the best ways of helping your agents be more efficient is by giving them the option to compose and send an email directly from any case they’re working on. And you shouldn’t have to worry either, because your agents can make use of right-click entity mapping to reduce copy-paste errors, as well as email templates and signatures to ensure that they stay on message and on brand.

For more information, see Using the Service case template to send outbound email from a case.

Take the headache out of dropped calls

Are your agents losing valuable time searching for customer phone numbers after a dropped call or when they need to call a customer back? Now in Pega Customer Service 8.5, when customers have provided a phone number as their preferred contact method, all an agent needs to do is right-click the number to initiate a new call. As long as click-to-call is enabled – which is easily done in App Studio – your agents will know whether a call is appropriate. With a simple click, calling back your customers becomes easy and error free.

Call back feature

For more information, see Configuring outbound calls.

Amplify chat with speed and accuracy.

Chat communications always have some inherent wait time, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t test the patience of your customers. And we get it – your agents are probably juggling any number of chats at any given time, so they rely heavily on common phrases. Common phrases are standard snippets of text that can be used by agents in emails or chats.

And the easier it is for your agents to find the right phrase, the faster they’ll be at appropriately responding to your customers while keeping on brand and on message. Now, agents can keep their hands on the keyboard and initiate a common phrase search right in the chat dialog, with character-based quick search. By simply typing two back slashes and their search term, a dialog box opens and begins searching across phrase category, title and body, to help the agent find the right response as quickly as possible.

Common phrases

Interaction portal showing the common phrases dialog box, launched from the chat pane

For more information, see Common phrase search.

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