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Gadget configuration by using IAC gateway console is no longer supported

Valid from Pega Version 7.2.1

The Internet Application Composer (IAC) gateway was deprecated in Pega Platform™ 7.2.1 and is no longer supported. The IAC was used to embed a Pega Platform application, such as a gadget, on the pages of a web application that was located on your intranet, extranet, or internet site.

Upgrade impact

After an upgrade to Pega Platform 8.5, the configuration of gadgets through the IAC gateway console is no longer supported.

What steps are required to update the application to be compatible with this change?

To make subsequent changes to your current web mashup, use Pega Web Mashup. 

For more information, see Tutorial: Creating a mashup with Pega Web Mashup.

Data page unit test case setup and cleanup

Valid from Pega Version 7.2.1

You can now use one or more data pages, data transforms, or activities to set up a clipboard page with the appropriate properties before you run a data page unit test case. You can also use activities to create any required test data, such as work or data objects.

After you run a data page unit test case, the data pages that were used to set up the test environment are automatically removed. You can now also apply additional data transforms or activities to clean up the clipboard.

For more information, see Setup and cleanup of data page unit test cases.

New assertions for data page unit test cases

Valid from Pega Version 7.2.1

You can now configure the following assertions for data page unit test cases:

  • Result count assertions for page lists, page groups, value lists, and value groups
  • Unordered list and ordered list assertions for page lists

The Pega 7 Platform now supports these assertions in addition to expected run-time assertions for the data page and property assertions for any property type.

For more information, see Data page unit test case assertions.

Execute Tests service to run all data page unit test cases

Valid from Pega Version 7.2.1

You can now use the Execute Tests service to run a set of tests at the end of build runs. An external validation engine, such as Jenkins, calls the service, which runs all data page unit test cases in your application, and returns the results in XUnit format. Use this service to validate the data in your application and to correct any issues before you deploy your application.

For more information, see Running all data page unit test cases with the Execute Tests service.

Quick and customized data imports

Valid from Pega Version 7.2.1

You can now quickly add, update, or delete data records for your data types by uploading .csv files that contain a large number of records. The bulk import process allows you to import data from a variety of sources and gives you more control over your data. You can customize this process by overriding a data transform to add purposes, a section to add fields, and an activity to define the logic for each purpose.

For more information, see Data import customization.

Enhancements to the REST integration wizard

Valid from Pega Version 7.2.1

You can use the improved REST integration wizard to quickly create data sources in your application. The steps in the wizard are now arranged in a manner that makes the process of creating REST integration more intuitive. You can add custom headers that allow you to connect to complex REST services. You can also enter the name of the system that hosts the REST service, which allows you to group data sources that connect to the same system.

For more information, see the REST integration section in Integration wizards.

Improved security for clipboard pages

Valid from Pega Version 7.2.1

To prevent data leakage and inconsistency, the Pega 7 Platform does not allow properties on a clipboard page to refer to properties on pages with a lower scope. For example, an autopopulate property on a node type clipboard page cannot source data from a data page with scope “requestor” or “thread.”

For more information, see Page scope types for data and declare pages.

Store and source content in Box

Valid from Pega Version 7.2.1

You can now attach content from Box while working on a case in your application. You can attach files directly to your case or include them in a Pulse message. You can also store all the case and Pulse attachments in your application in Box. To enable content sourcing and storage in Box, configure the Content sourcing and Content storage sections on the Integration & security tab of your application rule.

For more information, see Storing and sourcing content in Box.

Pega Composite Gateway not required for Pega Web Mashup

Valid from Pega Version 7.2.1

The Pega Composite Gateway servlet (prgateway.rar file) is no longer required for Pega Web Mashup gadgets. You can now use web mashups without deploying the Gateway. Support for the Gateway will continue, but it is a best practice not to use it for the Pega Web Mashup in Pega 7.2.1 and later versions.

All Pega product release notes can be found on their product pages.

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