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SR-129197 · Issue 197995

Fixed Silverlight "Create Word Document" error

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

A Silverlight issue appeared while using "Create word document". The older flow action CreateMergedWordDoc was running on the Current Page Context and had a reference to the Word Template used in the PegaSample application. To resolve this, the new Flow Action 'pyCreateWordDocumentCMGallery' has been created. This runs on the pyFlowActionTestPage page and uses the new Word Template pyCMTemplate which has limited set of related properties.

SR-A11534 · Issue 227038

ExecuteSLA activity modified to avoid requeue errors

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

When a broken process SLA was requeued, it went back into the broken queue because the underlying problem assignment was never marked as repaired on requeue. When execution of SLA fails, the assignments are marked as problem assignments in ExecuteSLA activity. The ExecuteSLA activity has now been changed to avoid creating a assignment error by instead using Obj-Cancel to roll back the assignment submission so items can be requeued directly from the SMA portal.

SR-A11665 · Issue 229766

Fixed Bulk Process deselecting some sorted items

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

In Internet Explorer using Bulk Processing, after selecting a column to re-order and several individual items resulted in unexpected checkbox results where certain selected items were deselected and not processed. These items could later be processed individually. The logic has been updated to ensure proper checkbox handling with all browsers.

SR-A11690 · Issue 234461

Filtering added for bulk workbaskets

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

Workbasket filtration has been added for bulk actions workbaskets.

SR-A11817 · Issue 233321

Skim_Validate rule made available

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

In order to resolve issues with Offer flow rules not being moved after skimming the ruleset, a new version of Skim_Validate was added to Rule-Obj-Flow-Offer, deleting all steps except for the call to Rule-.Skim_Validate. To make this function fully available, Skim_Validate has now been marked as available to allow extending the activity to a rule form.

SR-A13926 · Issue 230498

Resolved invalid page causing missing bulk items

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

When trying to perform bulk transfer, some of the work objects were sporadically not displayed in the bulk processing list. This was caused by an invalid page getting passed while invoking checkActionWhens to act on the 'when' for showing the assignments list. The proper page is now set by updating the GETBULKPROCESSCONTENT activity to set pxRefObjectKey to the assignment page while invoking checkActionWhens.

SR-A14004 · Issue 231765

Flow designer XML fixed when using copy/paste

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

Copy and paste are available in the Flow Designer, but tickets where the End shape was copy/pasted and a new ticket set created for the new End shape resulted in incorrect XML. To correct this, the flowmethodbody function will use pyTicketShapes instead of pyModifierRefs for java generation.

SR-A14106 · Issue 227981

Improved sender handling for custom email activities

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

A custom email related activity was producing an authentication exception due to an attempted call to a User ID stored in Param.FromUsername made after that parameter was cleared by SendEmailNotification. To avoid this, if Param.FromUsername is blank, it will be set to the value of Param.AccountID.

SR-A14168 · Issue 230039

Unique page names generated for nested child work items

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

When multiple child work items were created using pxAddChildWork in one transaction, the same page name was getting used and causing errors. This has been fixed by making pagename unique by appending currentdatetime.

SR-A14386 · Issue 230949

Fixed issue with CSS incorrectly overriding skin rule

Resolved in Pega Version 7.2.1

The skin rule settings "Error Border" and "Error Background" were not having any effect on a text control which contained a validation error. This was an issue with the ErrorShade element being overridden my more specific CSS even though the HTML that used that CSS was never produced at run time. This has been corrected.

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