Earn certifications, complete missions, and engage in the community to build your reputation and show your Pega skills.

Pega Certifications

Build fast. Change faster. Empower your team.

A Pega Certification not only validates your skills and knowledge of architecting and implementing Pega solutions, but it demonstrates a commitment to excellence. Successful Pega projects leverage Pega Certified professionals to see reduced costs and faster time to market.

Enablement Badges

Showcase your unique expertise

Enablement badges are earned by completing Missions in Pega Academy or by attending an Instructor-led training class. Given that every Mission requires learners to pass Module quizzes, hands-on Challenges, Mission Tests and Exercises, every single badge earned is proof that you have internalized the knowledge and can execute that knowledge in the product. They can be used by everyone who wants to distinguish themselves by their unique skillsets and expertise, as well as be used by organizations to staff their unique projects.

Event Badges

Pick up your badge with registration

Networking, collaboration, and inspiration is a major part of every Pega event.  By attending Pega events like Pegaworld and Customer Engagement Summits, you are signaling your commitment to not only revolutionize how software gets made with Pega, but to expand your knowledge of what is possible with it by connecting with like-minded professionals.  Attend more events and watch your collection grow!