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Managing cases with case management increases efficiency, consistency, and visibility of case processes, which decreases costs and improves quality.

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Case management facilitates casework, guiding caseworkers to the information most relevant to their roles in the case. Caseworkers are able to collaborate, keeping abreast of the work that colleagues have done on cases via personalized event notifications. The three key feature areas of case management are: case design, "design-by-doing" features, and a case manager portal.

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Correspondence may be part of business logic, whether it is an email, print, faxes or other types of notification. Correspondence rules can be defined to automate the creation and delivery of multiple types of notification.

Correspondence overview 
Quick start: Creating a correspondence

Declaratives, decisions, and validation

Learn how to use declarative rules, decision rules and validation rules and how to use each for applying specific business logic for processing work.

Declaratives, decisions, and validation overview
Creating and using a validate rule

Process (flows)

Divide your business case into phases by grouping related tasks in processes. By using processes, you decide who, when, and how performs a task, so that your business case might be resolved in the most efficient way. 

Adding a process to a stage in Dev Studio
Adding a process to a stage in App Studio

Survey management

Pega Survey users can create and deploy surveys in their Pega Platform applications as well as customize how data is gathered. The robust design tools and variety of answer formats can quickly build a survey. Pega Survey integrates with case management applications, and surveys created with Pega Survey are fully functional in all major browsers.

Designing a survey
Best practices for creating a survey

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