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Decision management capabilities help businesses optimize every customer relationship and interaction to satisfy both customer needs and business objectives at the same time.

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With decision management, business users can implement a management strategy that is personalized for each customer.

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Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is a business intelligence technology that makes it possible for you to differentiate among customers based on their likely future behavior. It can also help you to make decisions about which actions to take with a particular customer or customers. Furthermore, predictive analytics can optimize marketing campaigns and decrease the churn rate among customers.

Predictive analytics

Interaction history

Interaction History is the Pega® Decision Management data layer that stores all interactions with customers (responses to given propositions). Information that is collected during each interaction is written into the appropriate Interaction History database table. Each database table contains several default properties defined on the corresponding class.

Interaction History data model in Pega 7.2 to 7.3
Interaction History data model in Pega 7.3.1

Configuring text analytics

Learn how to use Pega Platform® natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to extract valuable information from unstructured text data on social media platforms, blog posts, instant messaging platforms, email, and so on. 

Configuring text analytics

Managing revisions

Modify decisioning rules in your application through revisions and change requests. Test your changes in the Decision Manager portal and release them outside of the enterprise release cycles.

Revision management of decisioning rules in Pega 7.3
Revision management of decisioning rules in Pega Platform
Changing business rules in the Decision Manager portal

Troubleshooting Decision Strategy Manager components

You can troubleshoot and resolve commonly encountered problems or errors with Decision Strategy Manager components such as Adaptive Decision Management, decisioning rules, Predictive Analytics Director, and Revision Management. Each problem or error is accompanied by a description, a cause, and a suggested solution.

View troubleshooting

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