DevOps is a culture of collaboration by Development, Quality, and Operations to address issues in all three spaces.

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A Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline is an automated process to quickly move applications from development through testing to deployment. Pega Platform™ includes tools to support DevOps, keeps an open platform, provides hooks and services based on standards, and supports most popular tools.

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DevOps release pipeline overview

Deployment Manager overview

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Use the Pega Platform™ tools to develop or improve your application in a shared development environment.

Development workflow in the DevOps pipeline
Using multiple built-on applications
Rules development
Rule comparison
Version control in the DevOps pipeline

Continuous integration

Use the Pega unit tests to verify the quality of your application. Then, use a continuous integration system such as Jenkins to automatically package an application for export to a binary application repository. 

Pega unit testing
Running Pega unit test cases and test suites with the Execute Tests service
Setting up and packaging a release on your shared development environment
Using prpcService Utils and Jenkins for automated application deployment

Continuous delivery

Use regression and acceptance testing to validate the application before the application is declared ready to deploy. If the application fails the tests, roll back to a saved restore point. 

Add Test ID for unique identification of UI elements during testing
Pega Platform Docker support

Application release management
Deploying application changes to your staging or production environment
Using prpcService Utils and Jenkins for automated application deployment
Rolling back to a restore point


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