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Modern enterprise applications and their data sources are rarely contained on the same system. Integration protocols and interoperability standards federate the data traditionally locked away in legacy systems of record, allowing you to design applications that link multiple physically distributed resources. Pega Platform provides a comprehensive range of data and integration capabilities that simplify connecting your application to these distributed resources to enable easy, flexible, and real-time access to the rich data that they store.

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Explore the concepts that allow your Pega application to seamlessly manage data, irrespective of its physical location. Learn how to use the tools and wizards that accelerate labor-intensive configuration tasks.

Connect to data sources

Add new data sources to your application to seamlessly leverage data from remote systems of record as if they were present in your Pega application data store.

Pega Platform management of data pages
Data virtualization
Create and test SOAP, SAP, and REST data sources
SQL and database integration

Integrate with business systems

Make assets from your Pega application available as resources for other applications to consume by publishing microservice APIs for your case and data types.

Getting started with the Pega API
Using a robotic automation as a source for a data page

Data management

Pega Platform includes powerful and flexible facilities for defining data structures and managing data. You can define individual fields, arrays and repeating groups, multilevel structures, and a variety of other data structures. To support the exchange of data with other systems, your application can convert a Pega Platform data structure into a fixed record layout, an XML document, a message, or a relational database row.

Record editor and data import
Classes and properties
Data mapping and message parsing
File storage and content management

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