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Pega Platform provides powerful reporting features for developers, business analysts, and managers so that you can create simple or complex reports to satisfy your business needs. 

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Creating reports

Both managers and developers can create and manage reports by using the portal that is best suited for their roles. For more information about how to create reports, see the following Help topics:

Creating reports in Designer Studio
Creating reports in Pega Express
Creating reports in Case Manager

Viewing reports

Whether you are a developer creating or fine-tuning a report, or a manager who needs to evaluate the time it took a user to complete a step, you can run reports and view the results at any time. You can also schedule reports to run at the time, interval, and frequency that you define, and export report results to a PDF file or Excel workbook.

Managing scheduled reporting tasks in Designer Studio
Running reports in Pega Express

Running reports from the Report Browser in Case Manager
Scheduling reports in Case Manager

Configuring reports

Pega Platform provides robust features and controls so that you can fine-tune your reports and charts to convey your information effectively.

Fine tuning reports in Pega 7
Customize the lists of properties and calculations available in the Report Editor
Modifying data grid formats for reports

Working with charts

Adding a chart to a report can make it easier for report users to understand and act on the information the report contains. Learn more about how to work with and generate charts from your report data.

Working with charts in reports
Display and export a chart without report data

For more information about adding and customizing charts, see the following Help topics:

Adding or editing charts from the report definition rule form (Designer Studio)
Adding or editing charts (Pega Express)
Adding or editing charts from the Report Editor (Case Manager)

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