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Every system requires ongoing administration, housekeeping, and management. Pega provides your systems operations staff with extensive facilities for managing the system itself and managing system-wide data.

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Deploying Pega Platform

Pega provides tools and procedures to make deployment easy on a wide variety of operating systems using the most popular application servers and database systems. Beyond installation instructions, this content includes information on upgrading your system, and applying system patches.

Deploying Pega Platform

Deploying a highly available system

Patching Pega Platform

Installing the Pega Platform Personal Edition

Configuring Pega Platform

Use Dev Studio, dynamic system settings rules, and properties files and scripts to set system-wide parameters. 

Configuring system-wide parameters

Configuring cluster-wide parameters that differ from site to site

Configuring nodes

Managing Pega Platform

To gather runtime information about resources, use the Admin Studio workspace for system administrators, database administrators, and security administrators. Dev Studio also includes tools for monitoring the performance of your system. 

Getting started for administrators

Monitoring system performance

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