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Every system requires ongoing administration, housekeeping, and management. Pega provides your systems operations staff with extensive facilities for managing the system itself and managing system-wide data.

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Pega provides tools and procedures to make deployment easy on a wide variety of operating systems using the most popular application servers and database systems. Beyond installation instructions, this topic provides information on upgrading your application, and applying system patches.


Application release management in the Pega Platform

With minimal disruption, you can safely migrate your application changes throughout the application development life cycle, from development to deployment on your staging and production environments. In the event of any issues, you can roll back the deployment and restore your system to a state that was previously known to be working.

Application release management

When and how to change the system name in Pega 7.2 and later

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When and how to change the system name
About Autonomic Event Services (AES), Enterprise Edition

Hotfix Manager

Hotfix Manager identifies, installs, and manages hotfixes to Pega Platform and participating Industry Applications.

Hotfix Manager
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