What's New in Pega Platform

Start your digital transformation journey today with the latest Pega Platform™ release. Find an outcome. Streamline the process. Continually deliver value to your customers, fast.


Case Management

Enhance resolution of cases by collaborating with other users, managing tasks effectively, and providing meaningful documents.

Take advantage of the latest enhancements to Pega Cloud Services or client managed cloud.

data management

Use new App Studio features for the data model to view all the business objects, data views, object dependencies, and external systems in a single location. Benefit from drag-and-drop functionality to connect data sources to data views, without needing technical knowledge of the integration.

admin studio

Speed up and manage your deployments with new Deployment Manager features and Automated Testing capabilities. Quickly access Deployment Manager features with a more intuitive design or use trend charts and additional metrics to better visualize application quality.


Several new updates to low-code mobile app authoring make it easier to create native mobile apps with advancements to usability, responsiveness, and security.

Editing a UI at run time

Make your user interface (UI) exceptional and your customer and employees happy self-service improvements and new capabilities for both citizen and front-end developers.