Pega App Factory

Pega application to manage your organization's citizen developer program.

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App Factory is a starter kit for enabling low-code application development to deliver quick wins within an organization. The starter kit contains an application to jump start your program to move from one-off success to repeatable transformation. Build an environment that encourages reuse and collaboration with IT to ensure quality, scalability, and sustainability. Adoption of low-code tools – and their related processes – allow business experts to rapidly build apps without writing code. The proper guardrails will protect your business users’ creations – and the outcomes they drive.


Key Features

  • Governance process for managing your citizen developer program
  • Request new applications
  • Browse existing applications
  • Provision new applications
  • Enable pipelines for easy deployments
  • Assign coaches to help mentor your app makers
  • Provide collaborative community to support app makers

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September 6, 2019


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