Amazon Alexa Channel

Use voice commands with Alexa to interact with a Pega Platform application.

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Users have high expectations about being able to interact the way they want, where they need, and using the channels that are most intuitive to them. It’s a struggle to deliver consistent and continuous experiences across all these possible channels but it doesn’t have to be hard.

With Pega, you’re able to easily extend any Pega enterprise application to have a conversational user experience through Amazon Alexa. To use this feature, create an Alexa channel by defining settings in the Amazon developer portal and in Pega Platform.

Go beyond chat. Turn Alexa into an Intelligent Virtual Assistant that:

  • Speaks human: Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant understands intent; conversational UX enables it to interact intuitively, making it easy for people to engage the way we normally speak or type.
  • Gets real work done: Pega’s assistant can do more than just witty banter. Your assistant acts as an extension of your team, relieving them of redundant and time-consuming tasks.
  • Knows your users and delivers the next best action: Pega’s assistant keeps context of the user’s journey including prior interactions and preferences.
  • Spans channels: Today Alexa, tomorrow another channel du jour. Pega’s assistant easily adapts across channels and because it keeps context, your customers will never be lost.

The following table lists the versions of the console that are available, the Pega Platform releases that support each version, and links to user documentation:

Amazon Alexa Channel Supported Pega Platform releases
Version 1 (Download) Pega 7.3
Version 2 (Download) Pega 7.3.1
Version 3 (Download) Pega 7.4
Version 4 (Download) Pega 8.1.0

Key Features

  • Define additional custom responses to fit the business needs of your organization.
  • Connect to all your customer data sources so you can deliver next-best-actions everywhere.

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Compatible With

Pega Platform, 7.3, 7.3.1, 7.4



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June 3, 2019