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Environment Comparison Tool (ECT)

Compares Pega environments for differences and reports them.

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ECT is a highly configurable tool and can be used to compare multiple DB environments simultaneously. The tool supports comparison between different databases like Oracle and DB2 or DB2 and MS SQL etc.

  • Tool supports comparison of 7 different environments.
  • Environments can be named as per user preference.
  • It will compare rule/data counts in different environments.
  • Comparison based on rule types is also supported.
  • Drilled down reports can also be seen for the mismatch counts.
  • Tool can also compare DB objects like: Stored Procedures, Views, Columns, Tables, Indexes, Triggers


  • Not compatible with Pega Cloud instances at this time, this is due to requirements for direct DB access.
  • Does not compare the exact difference between rules, instead it just compares the counts of rules/data instances in different environments.
  • Does not provide any provision to resolve the differences; instead it would just report the differences in rules/data instances.



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Pega Platform

Last updated

December 17, 2020

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