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Pega Marketplace Terms of Use

Pega Rule Referencing Tool

Replaces Pega built-in rule referencing tool to use auto-generated UI and be Flash-free

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The rule referencing tool has been available inside Dev Studio to view the relationship between the rule in terms of referencing and referenced rules. It allows to quickly locate a rule in context by tracing the relationship between rules in your application. The version of the tool shipped in Pega 8.3 and older releases relies on the Flash technology that is going to be blocked by all modern browsers.

This component replaces the current implementation with an auto-generated UI and removes the dependency on the Flash technology. It provides the same functionality as the current tool but has a modern UI aligned with the Dev studio look and feel as well as some better integration with the ruleform. 

Key Features

A rule whose dependencies you want to investigate, get the list of rules in the Referencing Rules and Referenced Rules tabs to understand the relationships between rules, open any of the rules listed in the tool in a new tab, print the details.


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Compatible With

7.3, 7.4, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3


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Last updated

May 28, 2020