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Pega Marketplace Terms of Use

Pega Web Analytics

Send case and UI usage data to web analytics vendor software/cloud for analysis

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This component provides an interface to configure, capture and deliver case data and user selection of UI elements such as buttons and links for delivery to web analytics.

The facility supports multiple web analytic solution providers. Support for Google, Pyze and Matomo (Piwik) APIs are included. Configurations can be easily modified, enabled and disabled using a developer landing page.

Key Features

  • Add Meta data to header
  • Send page information
  • Send generic Case Information
  • Send Clipboard data
  • Send "click" information with filtering
  • Send detailed post click information for debugging/optimization


Documentation for Pega 7.4.x Version

Documentation for Pega 8.x Version




Compatible With

Pega Platform

Last updated

July 16, 2020

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