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Rule Availability Change Analyzer

Identify impact of withdrawn/deprecated activity rules on implementation layers.

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This component provides the list of withdrawn and deprecated activity rules from the selected application/applications, which will typically be an underlying app layer; and thus provides a means for reviewing the impact on any app layer built on top of it. It calls out all the deprecated/withdrawn rules from the applications chosen and which exist in the current application context with which the user logs in. During an upgrade process, a customer can easily find the deprecated/withdrawn rules that were shipped in the specific product version so that impact to their layer can be identified and estimated at the earliest. If the customer implementation layer overrides / references any of these rules, the sysadmin can review those rules by clicking the review rules link and accordingly take appropriate action

If the implementation layer references any of the identified deprecated/withdrawn rules, you may want to update the referencing rules to use the rules that replace the deprecated / withdrawn rules. Sufficient documentation is provided on each of the withdrawn and deprecated rule so that the technical team can review and take discretionary action to eliminate any impact to their applications.

This component also provides the excel download feature so that the affected rules can be reviewed offline.

Key Features

  • Identify the list of withdrawn deprecated activities from the selected application/applications
  • Identify the rules that override/reference the deprecated/withdrawn rules in the implementation layer
  • Download the list of withdrawn/ deprecated rules






Compatible With

Pega Platform, 7.4

Last updated

December 17, 2020