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"Already sequenced" check box is getting selected



pySelectedcheckbox is getting selected in the repeat grid when the checkbox is selected in the first page.
Then, during the navigation of next pages still the pySelected checkbox remains selected automatically even though user not yet selected.

Error Messages

Not Applicable. 

Steps to Reproduce

1.Create Data table with more than 20 records in it.
2. Create a new Page List with the help of Data Page which is being created by Data Table creation to load the data into Page List from Data Page.
3. Create a Case.
4. In the section add a repeat grid and source as created Page List property.
5. Add the page navigation to the repeat grid with 10 records per page.
6. In the repeat grid, add the created properties of Data page which contains one boolean property with checkbox.
7. Now make this checkbox with .pySelected from baseclass and make sure the repeat grid layout is 'Editable always'.
8. Run the case select the pySelected checkbox to select all the records.
9. Now navigate to second page using page navigation and one can observe the pySelected checkbox is being selected by default but the records in next page are not being selected.

Root Cause

pySelected checkbox property is not set properly during page navigation so user needs to do customization to achieve the requirement.


Perform the following local-change: 
In order to implement the pySelected checkbox property to be checked or unchecked properly during page navigation user had implemented the below steps:
  1. Open pyPostGridUpdate activity from the @baseclass and save as a new copy into our current ruleset with same/different name, here i used same name pyPostGridUpdate.
  2. Remove the all steps which are available in pyPostGridUpdate activity.
  3. Add the below local variables in parameters of the activity which are required to process the looping of page list and set the pySelected checkbox value correctly based on checked status of available records in the current page,
  1. Add the step1 with Property-Set method with below initializations, here .NewList is the Page List which is being used in the repeat grid.
  1. Add the step2 with Property-Set method with below initializations,

Loop configuration:

When configuration:
  1. Add step3 with Property-Set with below initialization,
  1. In the repeat grid properties, set pyPostGridUpdateactivity from the ruleset in run activity after grid update process as shown below,


Published May 30, 2016 - Updated October 8, 2020

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