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Missing HBase Java client classes



Error when performing test connectivity after installing third party JAR files to connect to Hadoop or Hbase.

Error Messages

KERBEROSclient principal:hbase/, masterPrincipalKey:hbase.master.kerberos.principal, masterPrincipalName:hbase/, keytabFile:/tmp/778c402ac2478ef2d0bab0d41b038641.keytab
[WebContainer : 6] [TABTHREAD3] [ ] [PegaRULES:07.10] (on.HadoopAuthenticationManager) WARN| userid - Problem while updating authentication config, Previous config: none, new config: Authentication config, authType: KERBEROSclient principal:hbase/, masterPrincipalKey:hbase.master.kerberos.principal, masterPrincipalName:hbase/, keytabFile:/tmp/778c402ac2478ef2d0bab0d41b038641.keytab

Steps to Reproduce

Follow the procedure in the document to Import the following Hadoop or Hbase third party JAR files in the database and perform Test Connectivity:

Root Cause

User has a HBase setup which requires additional parameters at the client side (Pega) for a successful connection. Hadoop cluster was configured with mapping rules '' and encrypted communication through the '' setting. These features are not supported by Pega.


Apply HFix-39868. This allows HBase Connection Customization. Following are the steps to customize HBase JAVA connection for custom-user Hadoop cluster setups

1. The given hotfix connection or client configuration reads its configuration from various places to provide the required flexibility on user installations.

2. Customization:

- Default Files
By importing the following JAR files to the Pega platform, default values for various keys on HBase connections can be defined.
  • core-default.xml
  • core-site.xml
  • hdfs-default.xml
  • hdfs-site.xml
  • hbase-default.xml
  • hbase-site.xml

It is possible to import those files by uploading simple jar files into Customer:06-01-01 ruleset similar to uploading Big Data Third Party Dependencies-Jars, which have META-INF/MANIFEST.MF files.

For example,
.zip hbase-site-v3.jar hbase-site.xml META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

- Guided Configuration
Values added by UI or values entered from UI must be merged in second layer.

- Dynamic System Settings (DSS)
To override values that are from a UI and/or Pega platform, the DSS can be defined.


To override any of the keys defined above, the DSS keys must be defined with the prefix 'bigdata/hadoop/configuration/' on Pega-BigDataruleset 'prconfig.xml;.

It is also possible to override any key using prconfig.xml. Any key with prefix 'bigdata/hadoop/configuration/' will be copied on to configuration

For example,

<env name="bigdata/hadoop/configuration/" value="RULE:[1:$1](.*)s/(.*)/$1/L RULE:[2:$1](.*)s/(.*)/$1/L DEFAULT"/>

- Debugging
Enable logger:com.pega.bigdata.hbase.client.internal.HBConfigurationImpl at debug level.

Published January 14, 2018 - Updated October 8, 2020

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