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pzDataSyncRequestParser throwing error during the syncing



The pzDataSyncRequestParser activity displays an error at Step 6 during the syncing process from the mobile offline mode. When the error occurs, it stays indefinitely within the Application type requester session and causes all the subsequent requests to fail. As a result, users are forced to kill the application, clear cache, and relogin to the device.

Hence, when 20000 offline cases are created for SecureCheckIn case type each day, ~500 cases are impacted due to the error.

Error Messages

The reference 0 is not valid. Reason: invalid property name: '0'

Steps to Reproduce

Test a mobile application that has a work object which uses another work object (of greater size).

Root Cause

After debugging, although the AdoptJSONObject method parsed the body, there was a property (Page List) that was not populated as a JSON Array (has a {} prefix, but a page list property should have [] prefix. Each line item within the page list should contain {}).


Perform the following local-change:

Revise the JavaScript on the application page.

Published June 25, 2018 — Updated March 29, 2019

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