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pzModalButton not executing Data transform before submit



As per requirement user need to configure Modal dialog on add item for a repeat grid and when user clicked on add item display multiple submit buttons, for example, one for Create and another for Update.
User called the flow action on the repeat grid modal dialog logic. User have customized pyGridModalTemplate to display requirement specific buttons.
User has configured pzModalButton - submit even with actions refresh section called Data transform.
Issue: system not executing data transform or activity before calling submit event on modal dialog

Error Messages

system not executing data transform or activity before calling submit event on modal dialog.
Since pzmodalButton not working for this scenario, User have used normal button but its failing to show mandatory validations.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a repeat grid from the page list property.
  2. In the operation tab select master-details in row editing and provide the detail flow action.
  3. In the detail flow action call the section where the pzmodalbutton is present, and configure the data transform in action tab and call the data transform to set value.
  4. Observe that the Data transform or activity is called at run time.

Root Cause

An issue in the custom application code or rule where user needs a suggestion or input in implementation of pzmodalbutton.


The below local change was provided to customer:

In the presentation tab of pzmodalbutton, provide " " in action and " " onclick and in action tab set on click event and call the data transfer or activity.

User can also try the below local-change:

Instead of using pzModalButton (which is an old and internal control) one should use standard auto-generated pxButton control.

Then user can configure two actions on that - one Run data transform, followed by a Run script.

User can configure the Run script action to call the following JavaScript function which user can add in the UserWorkForm or any JS file they are including in their harness:

function cancelGridModal(event){ 


Published August 21, 2016 - Updated August 31, 2016

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