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Unable to disable separator



When adding a Pie chart control with a DESELECTED separator checkbox in the UI, the thousand separator and the K symbol are added automatically.
The requirement is to display the exact number without the separator.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Add the Chart control and select Pie chart in the screen. 
  2. In the Wedges tab, do not select the Separator checkbox. 
  3. Run the report. When the count is greater than 1k, the thousand separator is added automatically and rounded off to the actual count.

Root Cause

A defect in Pegasystems’ code or rules.


Perform either of the following local-changes:
  1. Save As the pyfusioncharts.theme.default.js text file in the user's application ruleset.
  2. Add formatNumberScale: "0 !important" below showBorder: 0.
O r
  1. Create a new text file, myCustomChartsConfig.js, with the below code.

    FusionCharts.register('theme', { 
    name: 'chartdefault', 
    theme: { 
    base: { 
    chart: { 
    paletteColors: '#2E9FCC, #F49C00, #9B55B7, #19AE5C, #94A4A5, #E84A34, #32C6AA, #32485E, #E77D03, #00A084, #24619D, #F1C400, #7E8B8C, #D45300, #BCC2C6, #1ECD6C', 
    baseFont: 'OpenSans'
    showAboutMenuItem: 0, 
    showPrintMenuItem: 0, 
    manageResize: 1, 
    canvasBgAlpha: 0, 
    canvasBGColor: '#FFFFFF', 
    canvasBorderAlpha: 0, 
    unescapeLinks: 0, 
    defaultAnimation: 0, 
    showAlternateHGridColor: 0, 
    showAlternateVGridColor: 0, 
    showAxisLines: 1, 
    showPlotBorder: 0, 
    plotGradientColor: '', 
    use3dlighting: 0, 
    showShadow: 0, 
    legendBorderAlpha: 0, 
    legendShadow: 0, 
    legendBorderThickness: 0, 
    showBorder: 0, 
    formatNumberScale : "0 !important" 


  2. Navigate to the Application skin > Charts.
  3. Uncheck the 'Inherit from parent' checkbox.
  4. Add the newly created JavaScript file ( myCustomChartsConfig) in the 'Charts theme file (JS)' field.


Published October 24, 2018 - Updated December 27, 2018

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