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These capabilities empower users to upgrade quickly to the latest version of cloud software - making the application easier to maintain and support while reducing operational risk and associated…
Channel strategies allow users to apply channel-specific decisioning logic and optimize Next-Best-Action offers that used in different ways across channels. See what's new in 8.1 on this topic. …
DevOps-oriented tests were designed to integrate automation and monitoring more thoroughly across the software lifecycle. See what's new in 8.1 on this topic. 
With Pega Infinity, the software aggregates customer interaction history to automatically generate and update potential predictors and make adaptive models more powerful. See what's new in 8.1 on…
Prediction Studio provides a dedicated workspace for data scientists to build, deploy and monitor machine learning and AI models. See what's new in 8.1 on this topic. 
Use AI-driven Outcome Optimization and Next-Best Action Strategies to design a campaign and optimize it automatically, which it's in-flight. See what's new in 8.1 on this topic. 

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