Pega Customer Service for Communications

Pega Customer Service for Communications helps clients save time during implementation by having communications specific customer service cases available out of the box.

A Microjourney™ is a single process that quickly enables business outcomes for multiple stakeholders across channels.

Billing Inquiry

Customer service representatives (CSRs) can use billing inquiry to answer the most common questions customers have about their bill. OverviewConfiguration

Guided Internet Setup

Guided Internet Setup helps customers set up their new internet plan entirely on a mobile device. The case uses AI to automatically identify and capture a device’s MACD address. OverviewConfiguration

Make Payment

Customer service representatives (CSRs) can use Make Payment to help customers easily make a payment for a single bill or multiple bills. OverviewConfiguration


Learn and achieve with our learning library.

See how Pega Customer Service uses artificial intelligence to determine the Next Best Action for a customer and learn how to use Pega Knowledge™ to support agents with help content in context as they are working through a service case.

Get hands-on experience on communications interactions and service cases. Gain experience with products such as Pega Chat, Pega Co-Browse, Pega Knowledge, and Pega Self-Service Advisor.

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