Pega Express

Pega Express™ is a light, design-focused methodology that uses Pega’s low code experience, best practices and scrum to deliver meaningful outcomes quickly. We use design-thinking techniques to break customer journeys into smaller, more manageable pieces called Microjourneys™ A Microjourney is one of Pega’s three pillars: Microjourneys, personas (and the channels they use), and data (including integrations). Learn how to capture these pillars directly within the Pega platform to set projects up for success, configure and test quickly, go-live and achieve your goals. .

This visual depicts the four phases of the Pega Express delivery methodology: Discover, Prepare, Build, and Adopt. This allows for a a simple, quick and repeatable approach.

Explore each of these delivery phases below for more details and tasks.

Explore Each Delivery Phase

Design Thinking for Fantastic Experience

Innovate to understand your desired outcomes, define your Minimum Lovable Product and get ready to start your project.

Setting up for Success

Design your solution and create your product backlog using Pega’s best practices, establish governance and enable your team.


Use our platform to iteratively configure and test your application. Apply Scrum combined with our out of the box tools and best practices, built into the Pega Platform, to achieve your outcomes.

Go live & achieve your goals

Get your application ready for Production, ready the business, transition to Business-as-usual, analyze the applications performance and plan your next Minimum Lovable Product release.


Learn and achieve with our learning library.

A high-level course describing how to deliver a Pega project using the Pega Express approach.

Learn how to leverage Pega’s low code application using best practices.


Promote your projects.

Access personalized tools to propel your success.