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Error accessing Pega through Composite Gateway



When attempting Single-Sign on (SSO) login to the Pega application through a custom Java application, access is granted, but from there when users attempt to navigate to a Pega page, an error is received in the UI:
Redirection appears to be in a loop, terminating request:

The issue persists after setting DSS "HTTP/SetSecureCookie" = false

Without Webseal it works fine. But with webseal enabled, it fails. 

Error Messages

Redirection appears to be in a loop, terminating request

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set up SSO through Composite Gateway.
  2. Login and try to access a page.

Root Cause

This issue seems to be a defect in Pega.  The user also planning to use the the Gateway as proxy to multiple Pega server.

However the recommended way is to use 
webseal junction for each Pega server.

Pega's recommendation going forward is not to use Gateway instead directly access IAC (Internet Application Composer) servlet, user was suggested for upgrade.


Perform the following local-change steps:

1. Upgrade to Pega platform 7.1.2 and  remove the Gateway.
​2. Generate the new gadget code and set the following gadget parameters to resolve the issue:

  • data-pega-gadgetname ='' 
  • data-pega-action ='' 
  • data-pega-action-param-query =''
  • data-pega-isdeferloaded ='' 
  • data-pega-applicationname ='' 
  • data-pega-threadname ='' 
  • data-pega-systemid =''
  • data-pega-resizetype ='' 
  • data-pega-url ='http://<server name>/prweb/IAC'>

Published August 22, 2016 - Updated August 31, 2016

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