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Multi tabs issue in multiple sessions



User launches the harness in the dynamic container in one session with user credentials.

With the same login in another browser then portal is launching with HarnessFail harness rule.

Error Messages

2017-02-27 11:27:25,170 [ttp-apr-8080-exec-69] [TABTHREAD0] [ ] [ AMS:01.04.01] (XYYYYY.Data_Portal.Stream) ERROR <Instance Name>|AAAA.CCC.BBBB- Section '<XXXX>' execution error on page 'pyDisplayHarness' of class ''.
java.lang.RuntimeException: Problem in JSP fragment

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a Portal rule and Harness rule.

2. In Harness rule, User the Dynamic Container to open the harness rules in tabs.

3.Open the multiple harness rules in Dynamic container using user credentials.
4. Login with same credentials in another session.

Root Cause

​When user login and then open the harnes, Http request with activity doUIAction is fired without pzPrimaryPage and pzPrimaryPageName parameters.

But when user copies the same URL in other browser, first the user is redirected to login page to be authenticated and redirect to it after authentication, with parameterswhere PrimaryPageName is being sent as pyDisplayHarness.

But in this case, may be pyDisplayHarness page is not created yet, and when PRPC lookup, it is getting created as class less Page, so PRPC fall back to ultimate class @baseclass during rule resolution and it is unable to find @baseclass.<Section> of type Rule-HTML-Section.


Apply HFix-34345.

Published May 30, 2017 - Updated June 9, 2017

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