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pxWorkLink control behaviour



The user has a report with the modified version of the pxWorkLink control.
From Report browser, after running the drill down report it does not bring the user back to the report, it brings the user to the reports overview instead.

The user is running a one level drill down report. In the child report, the user is using OOTB Control pxWorkLink for Case id fields. During running the report from report browser, and drilling down to child report, when case id entries clicked, it's getting opened in New tab. in the browser. From this opened case, no other operation can be done anymore.
To stop this, user modified the Control : pxWorkLink and removed the 'target=_blank' from the link. After then case ids started opening in replacing the current drill down child report and from the case, further operation can be done correctly. After closing the work-item, complete report window gets closed. There is no way to back to child report from the screen.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a modified pxWorkLink control (remove the 'target=_blank' from the link) so it will open the item on the same page and does not open up a new browser tab.
  2. Add this modified control to a Report for WO pzInsKey column.
  3. Delegate the report and run it.
  4. Open up the WO from the report using the modified controls link.

Root Cause

When the Work Object.(WO) opens in seperate tab, the pzInsKey is missing for that Work Object. So further actions defined in the case, can't be performed anymore.


Overide pxWorkLink control as following by creating a custom control and use that control :

String strPublicLinkURL = pega_procom_pegaprocomutilities.getPublicLinkURL();
String workURL = strPublicLinkURL + "?pyActivity=Work-.Open&Action=Perform&InsHandle=";
String workHandle = tools.getActiveValue();
String workId = pega_rules_string.whatComesAfterLast(workHandle,' ');

<a href='#' onclick = "openWorkByHandle('<%=workHandle%>')"><%= workId %></a>

Published April 28, 2017 - Updated May 15, 2017

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