Customer Decision Hub Microjourneys

A Microjourney™ is the Pega approach to tackling problems; by breaking an end-to-end customer journey into smaller pieces so you can deliver meaningful value quickly in a MLP (Minimum Lovable Product).

Featured Microjourneys


Organizations often struggle to personalize every aspect of the digital experience for each individual. They simply can’t move fast enough to calculate hundreds of propensity scores in real-time, so they have to use pre-defined segments, rules, and scores to make decisions. They fail to leverage that person’s context, in the moment, so their offers and messages miss the mark, leaving hundreds of millions of dollars on the table.


Organization’s systems were built to sell at scale – not to analyze individual context, identify problems, and resolve them before they become an issue. Data gets trapped in siloed applications and churn signals get missed. The only option is to rely on a reactive approach, hoping customers will call in when there’s an issue, and that they’ll have a chance to save them.


A streamlined, consistent, and connected CX is table-stakes in today’s market – but many enterprises often fail to deliver on that promise. They‘ve built a 360o view to “know” their customers, but struggle converting that data into relevant actions that can save churning customers and expand high-value relationships.

Additional Microjourneys

Paid Media Manager

Pega’s Paid Media Manager integrates first-party data into platforms like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, using AI to generate next-best-action audiences and optimize the offer mix and ad spend for each individual.