Pega Customer Service for Communications Microjourneys

These Microjourneys™ provide seamless workflows and a modern user experience for customer service representatives (CSRs) and customers, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Featured Microjourneys


Guided Internet Setup

This use case helps reduce the number of long, complex calls to the call center and increases customer satisfaction by creating a frictionless mobile experience.
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Billing Inquiry

Provides a view of most recent two bills and the differences between them by line item. Includes dynamically generated scripting at the top that summarizes the difference.
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Make Payment

Enables customers to easily make a payment for a single bill or multiple bills through a customer service representative (CSR). Overview | Configuration

Additional Microjourneys

Check Internet Equipment

Step-by-step process to evaluate internet equipment in a mobile web app.

Guided Troubleshooting

Help customers troubleshoot and diagnose common product issues using a guided, step-by-step flow.

Upgrade device

Upgrade customer’s mobile device. Includes steps for trade-in device, payment options, insurance, and get accessories.

Pause service

Pause customer’s service by selecting pause start date and resume date.

Customer Acquisition

Present bundles as suggested by Pega Marketing and allow CSR to negotiate with prospects to acquire them.

Proactive fee waive

Predictive, proactive fee waiver offers to online customers to reduce calls to call center.

Make payment

Helps customers make a payment for one or more accounts.

Address Change

Change the billing address of the Customer and notify the customer when the address change is resolved.

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