Pega Customer Service for Healthcare

Pega Customer Service for Healthcare orchestrates multi-channel member, patient, and provider interactions, automates Microjourneys, and anticipates customer needs before they happen.

A Microjourney™ is a single process that quickly enables business outcomes for multiple stakeholders across channels.

View Benefits

The View Benefits Microjourney in Pega Customer Service for Healthcare enables healthcare organizations to easily and consistently address the high volume of plan benefit questions they receive. Overview Configuration

Schedule Medical Appointment

This Microjourney can be used by healthcare organizations to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments for medical services while interacting with patients, or with an authorized contact on the patient's behalf. Overview Configuration

Coverage Inquiry

This Microjourney uses Pega decisioning capabilities to identify preemptive opportunities and a mobile self-service case type to address them with members. License to use Pega Customer Decision Hub™ is required.   Overview Configuration


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