Pega Robot Manager

Monitor the overall state of your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution within your Pega Platform™ application.

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Use Pega Robot Manager™ to manage attended and unattended automation in your enterprise. You can view your RPA robots and the work that they perform. Understanding how your workload is managed allows you to schedule robots for peak periods.

Pega Robot Manager extends the functionality of robotic process automation (RPA), which allows you to batch process a large volume of work assignments by using unattended robots with your Pega Platform application. Each robot belongs to a work group that has an assigned automation package. Automation packages are collections of automations that have been written for your RPA robots. When a robot logs in to Pega Platform, it registers itself into a defined work group, retrieves the automation package assigned to that work group, loads it, and becomes ready to be started by a user or a schedule. When a robot is started, it continuously fetches assignments from shared assignment types within a specified work group, runs the automation that is configured on the assignment, and notifies your Pega Platform application when the assignment has been completed.

Implementing an RPA solution inside your Pega Platform application allows your workforce to focus on higher-value, customer-facing work.

The following table lists the available versions of Pega Robot Manager, the Pega Platform releases that support each version, and links to the documentation:

Pega Robot Manager Supported Pega releases Documentation
Version 8.3.1 (Download) Pega 8.3 Version 8.3.1 Documentation
Version 8.2.2 (Download) Pega 8.2.1

Version 8.2 Documentation

Version 6.2 (Download) Pega 7.4, Pega 8.1

Version 6.2 Documentation

Version 5.2 (Download) Pega 7.4 Version 5.2 Documentation
Version 4.1 (Download) Pega 7.3, Pega 7.3.1 Version 4.1 Documentation
Version 3 (Download) Pega 7.3 Version 3 Documentation
Version 2 (Download) Pega 7.3 Version 2 Documentation
Version 1 (Download) Pega 7.2.1, Pega 7.2.2 Version 1 Documentation

Key Features

Use Pega Robot Manager to monitor the performance, health, and throughput of your RPA robots.

You can do the following tasks:

  • Manage robots – Start, stop, schedule, and move between work groups
  • Manage assignments – Start, stop, and set key thresholds that allow for end-user notifications
  • Configure the organizational hierarchy of departments and users
  • Apply roles to users to define the tasks that they can perform
  • Update automation packages and deploy them to robotic work groups, departments, and users
  • Securely manage the package life cycle, starting from development, testing, and up to the production stage
  • Configure e-mail notification in the case of unexpected issues with robots or scheduling


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Compatible With

8.2.1, 7.2.1, 7.2.2, 7.3, 7.3.1, 7.4, 8, 7.1, 8.3



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October 7, 2019

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